Friday, August 21, 2009

Libraries Aren't Just for Books Anymore

Sure, libraries are still a great place to go to find books for fun and leisure, personal enrichment, and learning new things. But did you know that libraries offer other great resources as well? No, not DVD's.....well, yes, we have lots of those too, but that's not what I meant. In fact, you don't even have to go into the building to check out some of the great information available through your public library.

I'm talking about Library Databases. What's a database you may ask? Well, allow me to introduce you. Library databases provide access to magazine, newpaper, and research articles online, many in full text, right at your fingertips! No more wading through evil microfische or Microfilm! These are subscription-based services, available for free to anyone with a current library card. You can find biographies, current events, science research, and more. And the best thing is, the information is CURRENT and RELIABLE, not always the case on the World Wide Web.

Next time you have to do research for a school report, just get out your library card and take a look the Renton Library's Online Databases.

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